About us

Our goals:

The Catholic Travel Blog and our other site, The Catholic Travel Guide, are designed to be a place for Catholics to get useful information about destinations and more from a Catholic perspective.  Those big travel websites are great for giving general information and reviews (we read them ourselves) but let’s face it, many of those people are not Catholic and often don’t know about…or care about…many of the Catholic sites in the areas that they are visiting.

For example, you might find a review concerning Siena, Italy, that describes the city and some sights to see, but hardly any mention of Saint Catherine of Siena or the Eucharistic Miracle there.  It can be frustrating for people to find out the exact information they are looking for.

Advertisements you may see on our site:

The advertising on our site primarily comes from Google Adsense.  Google chooses the ads to display on each page according to three basic criteria: 

  1. The page subject
  2. What the viewer may have looked at previously.
  3. Random choice by Google

We try to filter out ads that are not appropriate, but occasionally one slips by us.  This is sometimes beyond our control but feel free to contact us if you find inappropriate content and we will do what we can.