Pope Francis to visit Korea

It had already been announced that Pope Francis would canonize Paul Yun Ji-chung and his 123 fellow Korean martyrs on August 15th of this year.  The question as to where that would take place has been answered:  it will be in Korea.  And Pope Francis will be there on August 15th.

 This is not by coincidence:  Asia Youth Days, a result of World Youth Day, will be held in Korea from August 13th through 17th of this year, and it was already thought that perhaps Pope Francis might attend.  He will start off with the canonization on the 15th and from there his schedule has not been released although he will undoubtedly be celebrating the closing Mass on August 17th, much as he did in Rio last year. 

Check our calendar of events for more details.  We will continue to update the calendar as we get closer to the trip.  

The logo for Asia Youth Days appears below with an explanation of the various aspects of the logo.

The official logo of Asia Youth Day
The official logo of Asia Youth Day along with the explanation of what the various parts of the logo represent.