Mass with the Pope in Rome

Most of us look forward to the weekly public Papal Audiences if we visit Rome and, on special occasions, attending a Papal Mass.  Now, in a new announcement, the Vatican Press Office confirms that small groups will be able to attend Mass with Pope Francis in the Chapel of the Santa Marta Residence where he lives.  

This offer has limits, of course.  It is designed for citizens of Rome, because after all, the Pope is the Bishop of Rome.  Members of parishes in the Diocese of Rome will be selected on a rotational basis to attend the daily Mass that the Holy Father has each morning.  Groups will be limited to about 30 people since the chapel is quite small.  If you happen to be a member of one of these parishes, you may be in for a great experience.  

Since this applies to members of Parishes in Rome we don’t know if there will be any provision made for visitors, although we doubt it as the program would then lose much of its meaning.