Send your prayer requests & follow Tom & Sue on another personal pilgrimage

Editor’s note:

We have posted their journeys before and know you will enjoy this one as well.  In the last year Tom was diagnosed with cancer, and having had to go through treatments, and a great deal of suffering, is now well enough to travel.  And believe us, this is quite a bit of traveling!

We invite you to follow them, and even more importantly, send them your prayer requests that they will take with them.

From Tom:

Hi everyone:

The subject title for my e-mail that I sent out was “CYBERKNIFE & THE HOLY LAND PRE-PILGRIMAGE REPORT”, which was quite a title.  The reason for it is that because of the CyberKnife Treatments I recently underwent, we are still able to travel on our 8th “Personal Pilgrimage”

I can’t thank all of you enough for the love, support, Prayers and Masses that you have offered up for me.  Susan and I believe that the path we took treating the liver cancer was a guiding light from above because of you.  We won’t have the results of the treatments until the end of June, but everyone at my Oncologist’s Office feels very positive.   I recently had another blood test that was also very positive.  I feel great, other than old age pains, and I continue to put my life in God’s hands. 

The CyberKnife Robotic Radiation Treatments were two hours every other day for five treatments.  The machine would shoot laser-guided radiation directly into the tumor from every angle it possibly could.  Over 200 beams of radiation at each session.  It was amazing that during these sessions, the “robot” would change it own lens from a table with 12 lenses on it.  If all goes as it should, there should only be a small scar tissue left after a couple months.  We will keep you posted.

Now, as far as the Holy Land, we embark on our “8th Personal Pilgrimage” this Friday, May 27th.  This year, two very dear friends of ours are coming along with us.  Sam and Johna have never been to Europe (nor on a pilgrimage), so we all look forward to the adventure and spiritual experiences we will hopefully share together.  This year’s “personal pilgrimage” will include Spain, The Holy Land (our first trip there!!!!), Rome, Italy and a return to Poland.

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