Itinerary for Tom & Sue’s personal pilgrimage to Italy


Beginning next week we are going to bring you highlights of a 29-day pilgrimage to Italy from a couple departing the U.S. on September 15th and arriving in the “Eternal City” the following day.  This is their 6th personal “Spiritual Pilgrimage”.  It is an ambitious itinerary filled with beautiful Shrines and Sacred Sites and we are truly blessed that they were willing to share their special pilgrimage with us.  Join us each day as we travel along with them on their Journey of Love for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

Tuesday Sept 17th   Cascia (Saint Rita of Cascia)>>>>>>>>Rocca Porena (Sanctuary of St. Rita, Rock of St. Rita)>>>>>>>>>Trevi (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears, Church of St. Emiliano).

Wednesday Sept 18    Cortona (Margaret of Cortona)>>>>>Castiglion-Fiorentino (Noceta) Our Lady of the Bath>>>>>>>>Arezzo (Our Lady of Consolation, shrine of Saint Donato)

Thursday Sept 19   Siena (Eucharistic Miracle of Siena, Saint Catherine of Siena)  

Friday Sept 20 Montenaro (Basilica of Our Lady of Grace)>>>>>>>>> Pisa (Leaning tower of Pisa, Square of Miracles)  

Saturday Sept 21  Orta (Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Garden)>>>>>> Rapello Genoa (Basilica of Our Lady of Montallegro)

 Sunday Sept 22  Genoa Mount Figogna  (Sanctuary of Our Lady of  the  Guard)  Ceranesi (Chapel of the Apparitions)>>>>>>>San Damiano

 Monday Sept 23  Crema (Della Croce)  (Basilica of Our Lady of the Cross)>>>>>>>>Caravaggio (Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Miraculous Fountain)>>>>>>>>Rho (Sanctuary of the Afflicted Mary)  

Tuesday Sept 24  Sacre Monte Di Varese (Mountain Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary)>>>>>>>>Sacro Monte Ossoccio (Sacred Mountain in Ossuccio)                                        

 Wednesday Sept 25  Sant Omobono (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Cornabusa)>>>>>>>Terme (Sanctuary of John XXIII)>>>>>>>Brescia (Shrine of Our Lady of Grace)>>>>>>>Montichiari/Fontanelle (Our Lady of Rosa Mystica)

 Thursday Sept 26 Monte Baldo (Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Crown)>>>>>>>>Monte Berico (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Monte Berico)  

Friday Sept 27  Camposampiero (Convent of the Sanctuary of Saint Anthony)>>>>>>>>>Arcella (Our Lady of Arcella, Santuary of Little Anthony of Bethelehem)>>>>>>>>>>.Padua (Saint Anthony of Padua)

Saturday Sept 28        Reggio Emilia (Basilica of the Virgin of Ghiara)>>>>>>>>>Bologna (Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard)>>>>>>>>>Imola (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Piratello)  

Sunday Sept 29  Osimo (Basilica of St. Joseph of Cupertino)>>>>>>>>>>Loreto (Holy House of Loreto)>>>>>>>>>>> Macerta (Basilica of our Lady of Mercy)

  Monday Sept 30  Manoppello (Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Face)>>>>>>>>>San Severo (Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help)  (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption)  

Tuesday Oct 1  San Giovanni Rotondo  (Padre Pio)>>>>>>>Monte Saint Angelo (St Michael’s Cave)

Wednesday Oct 2  Foggio (Basilica of the Crowned Mother of God)>>>>>>>>>>Valleverde (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Valleverde in Bovino)  

Thursday Oct 3  Avellino (Mountain Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary)  (Sanctuary of Saint Philomena)

Friday Oct 4  Pompei–Naples (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pompeii)>>>>>>>>>>>Oliveto Citra (Our Lady of the Castle)  

Saturday Oct 5  Oliveto Citra (Church of Our Lady of Mercy, torchlight procession)  

Sunday Oct 6  Itri Mount Fusco (Sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita)>>>>>>>>>>>Genazzo (Parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel, incorrupt body of Blessed Stefano Bellesini)>>>>>>>>>>> Mentorella (Mountain Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace, Holy Stairs of St. Benedict of Norcia)  

Monday Oct 7  Nettuno (Our Lady of Graces, Saint Maria Goretti, Shrine of Saint Neptune)>>>>>>>>>Rome outskirts (Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, Tre Fontane, St. Lawrence Outside the Walls)  

Tuesday Oct 8  Rome (Catacombs of St. Callixtus, Basilicas of St. Mary Major & St. John Lateran, Holy Stairs, North American College.  

Wednesday Oct  9  Rome Weekly papal audience…lunch with Pope Francis…(not really but we can hope), St. Peter’s Basilica, Tomb of Pope John Paul II.  

Thursday Oct 10  Open day

 Friday Oct 11        Viterbo (Basilica of Our Lady of the Oak, Ad Rupes Basilica, Chiasa Santa Maria Della)                                                                            

Saturday Oct 12 Orvieto (Church of St. Andrea, Caves of Orvieto, Cathedral of Orvieto)>>>>>>>>>> Bolsena (Eucharistic Miracle of Bolsena)

Sunday Oct 13  Vatican City (Pope Francis to consecrate the world to Our Blessed Mother (statue of Our Lady of Fatima returns to Fatima)  (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Divine Love)

Sunday Oct 13  Arrivederci Roma!